If you are looking for a doctor that is truly caring, very experienced and always professional then Dr. Glodowski is the best choice. He is the doctor that other doctors go to for treatment. That says a lot!!!

Dr. John Woodward

If Chiropractic is magic, then Dr. Glodowski is a Magician. All kidding aside, I have never felt this good in a few years. Something as simple as putting socks on is now easy. Sporadic headaches have virtually disappeared, and neck and back pain have greatly improved. Dr. Glodowski treats the problem, not just the symptoms.

Avalanche D.

Dr. Glodowski is very professional and great at what he does. He runs a straight forward business and his staff is so easy to work with. He has done amazing things in his practice and I will continue to use Gibbstown Chiropractic Center and refer all my friends to him.

Raffaele M.

Dr. Glodowski has help my with lower back and hip pain.He is very professional and I had amazing results, his staff is always professional and courteous. Thank you for all do and top quality service.

harry C.

I’ve had such an awesome experience with them! I suffer from massive migraines, shoulder pain and lower back pain! Dr.Glodowski has really helped with lowering the amount of pain I have in my shoulder and lower back and has basically gotten rid of my migraines!! Very attentive on problem areas! I absolutely recommend him!

Mia L.

I have a story to tell about the only person who has helped me. For years I have suffered from daily pain. I felt like I had been hit by a Mack Truck. My MD sent me to all kinds of specialist for tests. They said nothing was wrong with me. In Nov. I read about a food drive sponsored by Dr. Blaise Glodowski of Gibbstown Chiropractic. I decided I had nothing to lose because no one, & I mean NO ONE, had ever helped me.

Dr. Glodoski began my treatment & within 2 months I began to feel relief. My everyday headaches were gone & my pain levels were reduced from 15 -10. Then, one day I noticed something really strange, something was missing when I looked around, MY DOUBLE VISION WAS GONE! I couldn’t believe it! Within that year he had not only changed my vision but gave me more energy & I was pretty much pain free. Now I’m on a maintenance plan. He is wonderful!
Thank you, Dr. Blaise, for giving me a new lease on life!

Patricia McC.

I don’t even know where to start. Dr. Glodowski has helped me in so many areas where my health is concerned. I’m a migraine sufferer and I’ve also suffered with terrible headaches for years. Since I’ve been going to Dr. Glodowski my headaches have been kept in check. I started kickboxing recently and my performance is so much better on the mats after being treated. Lastly, I’ve been able to do something recently that I just COULD NOT do before—-run. Running isn’t painful for me anymore, at least not like it used to be. Since my body is aligned, my knees and hips aren’t under any additional stress due to misalignment in other areas. Let’s just say I can feel the difference! I highly recommend Dr. Glodowski. I would also like to mention how friendly and welcoming his staff is. It’s like a small family over there!

Bonnie McB.

I suffer from OsteoArthritis which usually requires a cortisone injection every 3-6 months. In November of 2016 , I began treatment with Dr. Glodowski for this and problems with my neck and back. Since I have been in treatment, I have not required cortisone injections in my knee! Thankyou, Dr. Glodowski!

Cheryl P.

I have known Dr. Blaise Glodowski since 1982 when we started chiropractic school. He is a doctor of high integrity, competence, and compassion. He cares deeply about his patients and our profession. I know him very well and he volunteered with me twice as part of the chiropractic recovery team at Ground Zero in 2001, shortly after the terrorist attack. I am honored to call him my colleague, and close friend. If you are seeking a chiropractor in the Gibbstown area, who you want to trust, and meet your health care needs, I would strongly recommend Dr. Blaise, who I would consider an excellent Doctor of Chiropractic!

Dr. Bill Schroeder

My husband and I have been under chiropractic care since our twenties, moving from one chiropractor to another for various reasons. When we found ourselves in need to move on once again, our very dear podiatrist, Dr. Lori Lewis of Woodbury, advised us to go see Dr. Blaise Glowdowski in Gibbstown. The advice has been golden. Dr. Glowdowski is a very hands-on professional who counsels and teaches his patients from the beginning, making sure each one knows and understands the purpose and need for the type of manipulation designed specifically for them. He is able to do that through review of the patients complaints, measuring the ability to perform different movements, like turning one’s head, the taking of x-rays, etc., and then putting all that info together for a personal plan for patient recovery. There is nothing standard, and one must live by his advice for the adjustment to be successful. Since we have started, I have experienced so much relief from my adult scoliosis, and my husband’s bad subluxations are relaxing to give him better movement for simple tasks like walking straighter and bending over to pick up something he dropped on the floor. The care is quality. There is no throwing the hands up in the air or fear about the patient once he takes the person on as a patient. The most important thing in the end is not having to take a pill for relief, because that pill ends up being the hands of this caring, compassionate man. It’s great sitting in the waiting room, because everyone becomes friends who love this man, too. Bonnie, his receptionist is also very efficient and friendly and is able to deal with all the red tape paperwork our healthcare system requires. Ask her anything, and she’ll take care of it. What a nice backbone!

Slammed N.

Approximately 11 years ago I was diagnosed with a large herniated disc. I received physical therapy and was prescribed the medication Lyrica with no success. Nothing was eliminating the pain or correcting the problem. This led me to see Dr. Glodowski. After xrays and a very thorough exam, Dr Glodowski educated me on exactly where and why I was experiencing such discomfort. Initially, we worked on relieving the pain and moved forward to correcting the problem. With a maintenance plan in place we have proven to be a very successful team for 11 years and counting! My husband and daughter also receive treatment with much success. The staff is extremely friendly and always make you feel at home! I highly recommend Dr. Glodowski.

Bonnei D.

Very thorough Doctor. He fixes your problem rather than just masking the pain. I was battling numbness after a neck injury. After a year of PT, I switched and saw Doctor B. My numbness went away with his treatments. His staff is also very friendly and they respect your time!

Christina P.